Neela's Mission:

Neela's mission is to make this ancient art of India accessible and affordable to all communities through educational and entertaining dance presentations.

Neela has developed a unique talent for presenting the complicated art form in a clear and entertaing way for all audiences. Having grown up in a small town in Utah, Neela enjoys sharing dance as a medium for bringing awareness about Indian arts and culture.

About Neela:

Neela has been learning and performing Bharata Natyam for the last 18 years. She continues to train under under her reknowned guru, Smt. Viji Prakash - director of the Shakti School of Bharata Natyam in Los Angeles -

Neela was born and raised in Cedar City, Utah and she and her mother would drive on the weekends, a 16-hour round-trip commute for dance lessons. Though Neela attended college in Connecticut, she and would fly cross-country to Los Angeles during breaks to train and perform with the Shakti Dance Company. Neela has continued to train (as learning this art is a life-long process) and perform both as a soloist and part of the dance company across the US and abroad.

Neela has received many honors and awards including the Sterling Scholar in Dance and Featured Artist for San Francisco's APAture showcase. She was also selected to be on the Utah Arts Council's prestigious Performing Arts Tour roster.

Neela has a B.A. in Political Sciences from Yale College and an MBA and MHSA from the University of Michigan.  Neela currently lives in Carmel, Indiana.